Interview Prep

We Have Got Your Employment Needs Covered

Preparing for a job interview can be quite overwhelming, especially if you're looking for that golden opportunity to kick start your professional career. Things can get quite complicated even if you have past work experience in the relevant sector. Don’t worry. We have got you covered.


Our 3-Step Guide to Success

Interview Process
Since people tend to make decisions based on their perception it is critical that you understand that what you ask is just as important as how and when you ask it. The worst time to answer a question is when it is asked so you must take the time to review your answers to expected questions before the interview. We take the time before the interview to help you review your questions and answers to sometimes difficult questions.

A very important concept to remember is to focus on making the interview fell more like a friendly conversation rather than a question and answer corporate style interview. Over the years I have asked thousands of candidates what past interviews stand out in the memory and 100% reply that the conversational interview are the ones they remember the most. With that in mind you should organize your questions into a conversational format, I have attached some examples

  • 1 Can you describe the position you are trying to fill. (what part of that description fits your qualifications)
  • 2 Can you describe the kind of person you think will best fit this position. (are they describing you, or what part of the description fits you so you can sell back to)
  • 3 What is the daily routine for that person. (does their description fit your understanding of what that position requires)
  • 4 What are your expectations for this person over the next 5 to 10 years. (can you meet or exceed those expectations)
  • 5 What are you prepared to do for someone that comes in here and meets or exceeds those expectations. (you don’t want to talk about money, talk about how they can help your professional growth within the company and your personal growth within the company)

Over the years I have spoken to countless candidates that left an interview with absolutely no idea of how they did in the process. Do not leave the interview without asking what the next step is, where do we go from here.